Toggle Button radio button style


probably it’s really simple but I’m not able to fix it.

I used the Toggle Button plugin from the addonpack. I changed it to three buttons for my output. So now everytime i click a quad it is either 0 or 1.

I want that there is only one button with the value 1 and the others 0. If I click another button it should change that the clicked one is 1 and the others 0.

cheers for your help

Hello Fewx,

Does this serve your purpose? Not sure if there is simpler way or node exactly for this purpose. It works the same way though.

Toggle.v4p (22.2 kB)

Well, just look at the ToggleButton Helpfile, the “Active Last Hit” pin just does that. I only add some color for you.

ToggleButton (GUI) help.v4p (21.0 kB)

thanks guys that’s awesome, both solutions are working fine. How do I define a different quad filetexture for the active one?

Mr West has exactly done that. You may change the switch color input to switch node input and connect to texture pin. Now you can have 2 file textures feeding for switch node input.