Toggle behavior

How can i make a toggle behavior in this situation? When i press ‘s’, the toggle turns on, but when i release it, the toggle gets off.

I want that it gets on when i press it and it continue on when i release, turning off only when i press ‘s’ again.

Yes, i’m using a toggle button, not a bang one.

**NOTE::**It’s just about the circuit on the left, the nodes on the right are only nodes i think will be useful on my project.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

= (Value) -> TogEdge (Animation) -> Toggle (Animation)

I don’t TopEdge on my 4V, i’m trying to discover how to get it there. It kinda “work” with only Toggle(Animation) but it fail a lot of times.

Wow… It’s toGedge. Not toPedge.

Thanks, woei. =)