Hey All and Vuxen in particular

I am really happy with the todomap node and use it in my performance setup now.

There is however one detail that can be quite stress making under the right circumstances.

When connecting a midi device to a new port, it changes it’s name to something like what it used to be called with an added " - 2" after and sometimes the same device on different machines have different names.
which renders all mapping relating to midi unusable unless I remap everything by hand (unless I have missed a function).

so I would like to suggest that a way to reassign a controller globally from one name to another.


you have to open todomap.xml and find and replace old controller with new name
what we do we save todo1.xml todo2.xml eg launchpad-1 launchpad-2

There’s quite a “few” undergoing changes in gui, device handling and some other parts.

Soon will be able to set a device alias, so this will be simple to change.

In the meantime search+replace in xml file is simple temp solution.

Cool, thanks for the tips and good to hear about the alias coming up!