Todomap and TouchOSC xy pad

Since I can finally create my own layouts on android I digged into touchosc and todomap as well. Is there any way to make it recognize the second value from controllers with more than one dimension?

i do not know how how important todomap is for your project, but the latest update for [message](Message) includes a patch for the “Simple”-Layout of TouchOSC, including the XY-fader-field. should be fairly easy to adopt it to your needs.

The Todomap is just so handy to quickly map any TouchOSC layout you throw at it.

I think it’s build in OSC decoder is lacking a little feature that the normal OSCDecoder (Network) does have.

TouchOSC can output multiple values (floats) in 1 go, and the OSCDecoder (Network) will out a spread for every “f” it reads.

The trouble is that you can not use Todomap AND UDP (Server) at the same time for the same port.

I attached a patch that shows the values we receive from XY slider, hope VUX/antokhio is reading this some day. :)

Example OSC XY TouchOSC.v4p (10.5 kB)

@velcrome Sure I could do it the traditional way, but todomap is so much more comfy. Autolearn, scaling of values inside it, midi and OSC in one place, easy and fast remapping of values. It took me quite some time to overcome my aversion for the name - I hate todolists… so how can a todomap be any better… G- now I finally got used to it and love it I am just missing this feature.

And I was really wondering if I was missing some point, because I can even see a xy pad on the tutorial Anthokio recorded.

@Westbam Good to hear you made it work yesterday. Its great, isnt it? And I will not be the only one requesting this feature.

@vux there is also controllers like Accelerometer that send 3 values. In case you look into it please include them as well.