TodoMap and OSC input

Hey, what timing! I was just today working up some OSC input modules, and bang here is TodoMap! Thanks!

Now, I just need to be able to get it to work. I am trying to get the TodoGetValue help patch to work with an OSC input. I went to the OSC tab and enabled input on port 9000. I created a little patch (below) to send a value to it. I have disabled my firewall. When I bang the send, nothing shows up. So a couple of questions:

  1. In the help patch, the “Enable” pin on TodoMap is zero. I assume this should be one. Still no joy though. Are the other TodoMap input pins correct in the help patch?

  2. Should the OSC message be a bundle, and should the variable name be represented as “/alpha”, with a single argument of type “f”? I have tried various combos, still no worky.

OK, maybe three questions: Am I missing something else (obviously)?

No really, no more than four questions: nothing is showing up in the TodoLog tab. Should there be?

Thanks, looks great, this will help a LOT!

Send a value via OSC (6.6 kB)

Enable pin does kinda nothing, I should remove it actually (or implement it ;)

OSC takes the first input of the message (ideally yes it should send floats). Don’t forget to click on learn mode, then select a variable before to send the message (so the engine can detect it).

You can send any message it doesn’t need to be /alpha , although having a full osc control tree was in my mind for a bit.

Log is empty for the moment.