ToDoMap and exposed pins

I’m having some trouble getting TodoExposedController (TodoMap)to work as expected.

Everything works fine on first patching, exposed pins pop up as variable in todo and after making mapping they happily follow orders.

After saving patch + todo xml if I close and open or reload patch the bindings seem to be gone. Todo is still picking up the mapping (IE getvalue still picks up changes on the varibles) but the exposed io boxes no longer react.

Am I missing something?

Seems there’s something strange in 28.1

Using same build in 28 works fine, but seems can’t set iobox value in 28.1


Thanks Vux! Did not want to call it a bug, but was starting to doubt my sanity…

i always forget to setup the server (vvvv).
When all prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Feedback Accepted = true
  • Feedback Target IP = localhost
  • Feedback Target UDP Port = 6666
    The TodoMap
  • has a Variable selected and
  • Inputs are set to Learn Mode,
  • It’s OSC engine is started and
  • set to the same port than server (vvvv)
    then, oh yesss!, then i get the wanted connection between TodoMap and Exposed IOBoxes.
    Hell, YEAH!
    Some config reduction is desirable, but all in all it’s a very big step in vvvv.
    Funny enough, the presence of TodoExposedController (TodoMap) seems to be not necessary for this to work.
    To be documented.