Todo prestes

Hello all,

Is anybody using (successfully) the todomap presets system?
I don’t really get if it can save actual values of variables, in other words can I use it to save the current state of selected IO boxes in my patch?? and switch to other states.
If not what will be the next best alternative? I tried using the SequencerNodeSet memory but that adds a lot of objects to my patch (I have many many IOs I want to save)… what else is out there???




Try vvvv-Message from contributions, create and link a bunch of named Messages with your presets into a Safe node and Sift your preset from there by name (“Topic”). A Formular helps you to set up your preset data structure.

The outputs of a single Split can then either feed your IOBoxes from the outside of your patch, or even replace most of your IOBoxes when placed inside.