Todo Map, closing bug?

Hi people,

i´m having some odd behaviour with the great Todo map,
it works fine but when i close the patch, vvvv freezes and i have to close it from the task manager.

I´ve noticed this since the previous version but i´ve forgotten to write it, sorry ;P

Can anyone confirm the same behaviour?.



Mmm never experienced that one.

What settings do you use so I can try to reproduce the problem (and what midi device are you using?


Hi Vux,
i´m using a korg nanokontrol and i´ve mapped simply some values and close the patch with the Todomap UI visible.
I´m on Win XP 32.



Hi again,
i think it´s related to the nanokontrol controller, with midijoke ports or novation remote zero sl enable, it works as expected.


I confirm it is related to the NanoKontrol, same bg as Lasal

Anthokio send me this related info, but i haven´t any time to check it:

i hope it helps

It does not work.

Make sure your driver list looks the same