Tips on high res images


I’ve been working on a project where I’m unsure of the best way to do it. I want change between a lot of different HD images(1280x720) quickly. How is done?

Right now I put a quad in a DX9 renderer and scale X/Y to 2 so it fills up the entire renderer. I then use a spreaded FileTexture object, buffering all the pictures in the background and changing between them by changing the number of the spread that should be shown. However, I have some problems.

First, loading the image onto a quad as a texture results in a quite blurry picture, compared to viewing it in a normal imaging program. The colors also seem a bit desaturated. Is it because I need to make them quadratic, like 1024x1024px?

Second, I run out of RAM. The pictures take up about 1.2GB but when I try to load them into the FileTexture they easily go beyond 1.6GB so the machine starts swapping instead. How come they use more space as a texture than as a full quality TGA file?

Any suggestions? :)