Timerliner Fun and GAmes

TimeLine__2.v4p (18.9 KB)

I can see in the xml my pins are there, but they dont show up in the timeliner , how much do I have to copy and paste in to the pin config? I have another in the same patch that has vanished too.

Timeliner Test2.v4p (8.9 KB)

And here is a reconstructed patch, create new patch add timeline, add pins with the same names and then copy and paste the pin data from the broken to the new one. Maybe you can compare the 2 to see whats wrong?

the first patch you uploaded was last saved with a35.6. is that the version you created the patch with or is it by any chance an older patch?

so we have a patch that is broken. can you describe a way to create such a patch that doesn’t load correctly anymore?

35.6 is the version I made it with, I copied and pasted the timerline from another patch, foolishly as I realised after searching the forums!
Its interesting that the keyframes are in the patch but not loaded…

over in the other thread @reaktant provided an example that i was able to reproduce and fix. i can still reproduce what he described there with b34 but not with b35.8. i can now create a Timeliner, add points, copy it over to another patch, save/reload that patch…all good.

i can also see the problem with the patch you uploaded first but i’d really like to be able to reproduce it before digging any further. you mention you “copied and pasted the timerline from another patch”. do you have that other patch still? can you still reproduce it if you try the same again?

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