Timeliner requests for b28 or 29


  • Naming of subtracks
    There is a great spacesaver feature with subtracks. I understood it as primar function for building bin set. And it’s quite easy to handle with “standard” bin set: XYZ, HSVA, etc. But if I would like to join all variable of some shader in one track, it’s almost impossible to manage different values, because there is no possibility to give descriptive name for subtracks

  • Selecting of keyframe to edit
    90% of my double click produce moving of keyframe (maybe i should more practice)
    i know it’s common logic of v4 to get the edit mode of the value by double click, but if in patch window the node is much bigger and its position isn’t important
    keep double click available
    add: after selecting the keyframe via simple click, or rectangle selecting - the ENTER shortcut is free. would be possible to assign ENTER to get the edit mode.

  • In patch window simple ENTER confirms the setting of value. In Timeliner it’s the double ENTER confirming value. I get always confused. Are there some special thought behind double action?

  • Is it possible to implement LOCK status for single track and automata, preventing from editing

  • As there is no reverse playback function I found that permanent present of negative time area is just waste of the useful space. Having left limit will be 0 (by default) would make the navigation much easier.It would great if it would be possible to set START Time (by default 0), which will represent left limit of timebar. And for someone who need time before 0, ability set desired start time with negative value


+1 most important for me would be lock since there is still no undo. oh wait, undo would be cool ;)

another thing (or maybe i am missing some hidden feature)
ATM there is just one output pin with current (cursor) value. e.g. 0,4800
Is possible to get output pin for time of current keyframe e.g. 5,93s?
would be possible to get accesses to these keyframe sets of values (red)?
accesses to the time value would let make some tasks much easier: e.g. direct linking some other actions without making extra track, video length calculation: start time+duration= end time etc.