Timeliner recommendation?

hey all,

I guess there a three possibilities to use a vvvv timeliner: As a node inside vvvv, as standalone SA or the new NG one.
Which one do you recommend to use?

I have issues with all of them. Or, lets say, questions on how to use them.

  1. inside vvvv:
    unfortunately, the gui is broken in win8.1 with high-res display, see scrennshot. the windows settings for scaling the GUI on high-dpi screens doesnt have any effect. (i don’t know what MS did, but this seems to be an issue for lots of old programms?)

  2. TimelinerSA (beta10.1):
    Isnt’t there a possibiliy to save under a different filename? Do you have a copy of the Timeliner in every project folder and manually renaming the saved files? Or how do you use it?

  3. Timeliner NG:
    I really like this approach, but is it stable for production? And, changes on the track-names somehow doesn’t seem to be saved, or should they?

Glad to get your knowledge! :)
best, Julez

I cant say much about timeliner NG, never used cause lacking automata states feature
for simple patch inside node is OK, although GUI is very lame
for complex things better to use TimelinerSA, much faster response


thanks for your response, dimix!

so i’m still curious on how you guys use the TimelinerSA? Do you have a copy of the TimelinerSA in every project folder? Seems to be the best solutions for me right now…

i do so… no text …