Timeliner Invisible key frames

I had 2 tracks, I selected all keys, inc automata, apart from the first keyframes, and moved them all rightwards, on realease, my height frames are invisible, still thereand if you minimise the track you can see them, but expanded you can’t.
And please pleas please, an undo! Seriuosly what doesn’t have an undo apart from timeliner and real life… (and I can tell you from when I do stop motion the undo is the single biggest leap forward in civilisation since the wheel!) If it wont work in timeliner, can you make one for the real world in stead, or maybe that should be the primary goal ass that would mean we wouldn’t need one in timeliner!
Handles for curves would be nice too ;P hehe

invisible keyframes (3.6 kB)

Just tried to reproduce and it wont, I did manage to loose a key frame when I moved them though, same method as above, last frame on 1 track vanished (and the curve indicated it was no longer there…)

I think timeliner could be one of the most powerfully things in v4, but is too broken to use much at the moment, which is a real shame unc’s shaders + timeline = realtime motion/after effects… or show control…

one more thing, when moving automata keys it doesn’t fell consistant, for left click to move all keys, in fact I think I’d prefer to have to select them all (ctrl+a preferably) to move them all, but if it does then I’d swap middle click move just the automata key with left click so they are consistant with the other mouse clicks…

feels like timeliner is poor stepchild
+100 for UNDO
few more things:
setting key to the border of value range makes it inaccessible
(ex: Alpha value range from 0 to 1- set the value to 1 and i cant change it anymore without changing width of the range)
by default the new created key (doubleclick in VALUE TRACK) has the same value as the previous key, why the new color key (doubleclick in COLOR TRACK) is always GREEN by default? why not the same values?
timeliner graph has sometimes problems with updating: one needs to rescale or shift the view range to get the actual state

yeah, UNDO would be really really really good.
everytime i promote the timerliner, i’ll get the question , why isnt there any undo. this feature would be actually on top of my list.

Ok another bug,
If you type a value out of range for a track it creates a key frame that you can’t edit above the track, in my case, I had a number of tracks added the key in the 3rd set it to 12 (the range was 5) and appeared in the top track, I could select it with the mouse but not edit or delete it.
Undo would have fixed the problem as does re-ranging the track…