Timeliner Empty patches on boygroup clients

Hello Guys

I,m working in a boygroup setup this days and found some strange behaviours.

This one is easy to reproduce:

Make a boygroup setup 1 server 1 client for example, make some nodes and control+B so you will see them in the clients.

Now make a timeliner node + control B and create some values inside timeliner.

Save the patch , close vvvv and open again in boygroup.

The patch or subpatch that has the timeliner node inside will show as empty.

Using vvvv 45beta34.2 64bit

hei color,

tried to reproduce this but couldn’t because your description turned vague with these points:

when closing, what exactly are you doing? close server, client, both?
when you say “the patch will show as empty”: on the server? on the client?

can you upload the patch that you saved with the timeliner? can we just use that to test? or would that not work to reproduce the problem?

hi joreg,

Having a boygroup connection between server and client, that means if you control+ b a node you get the node in the client. Create the timeliner add some value in it and save it.
Close both client and server and you will see the client like an empty patch
next time you open. It is like the xml inside gets corrupted and shows in server but it can not be sent to clients.

so you’re saying it is not only the keyframes missing in the clients timeliner but the whole timeliner node is missing on the client?

Hi ,the whole patch or subpatch where timeline node is on will become empty, so all the other no
des plus the timeline node will dispear completely in clients.