Timeliner Bug :P

Ah Joreg.
It will teach me to harangue your and Elias…
Got a corking bug in timeliner, somehow I broke the interface :)
Was editing a key frame while it was running and it freaked out and did this…


timeline error (16.9 kB)

hei cat, please try latest alpha. should open again.

Cat… There is an even better solution for you:

I know about that gaz, unfortunately I need it within vvvv, the whole patch is sync’d to an external clock, and the timeline is sync’d to movie playback too, doing that over osc would be pretty dodgy!
@Joreg, I thankfully had a backup of the patch containing the timeliner! But thought I’d post it to see if you knew why it had happened and if it was fixable! Can’t try the alpha at the mo, as I’m in the closing stages of a project!
Thanks though!


is it also for CeBIT, are you there?

No I’m afraid not!
I take it a mini node will be happening!