Timeline tool?

hi all,

as long as there is no timeline tool: any idea for a good sequencer which can controll vvvv over midi??14bit resolution would be perfect.
also a spline tool for editing the tracks would be fine :-)



ask google for free midi sequencers. http://www.kvraudio.com/ or http://www.hitsquad.com/ have specialized search tools for musicians. if you find a nice one, please let us know. some month ago i was looking for the same kind of tool, but had no time to test all possible candidates.

… or i will do a vvvv specialized UDP based timeline with processing …

i was thinking about a flash based timeline…as the flash project can be saved with the v4 project when used as renderer. but haven’t really started on that due to lot’s of other work

careful with flash 'cos it has the worst timing in the world
and getting setting vars is also very stupid

see my old little idea from that thread.
and take a look at the ventuz timeline before getting carried away by linear aftereffect-style timelines

and note that designing and writing the vvvv timeline would make a wonderful diploma thesis for anybody studying computer or media related fields. contact me if you know somebody who might be interested.

processing sucks in speed, because the whole window gets updated once per frame. if i load this little app, i have 80% cpu load …
but i think the idea of an external network timeline is ok, as long as there is no timeline node in vvvv. anyone like to continue this, or knows how to optimize processing 2d graphics ?

timeline_test.zip (328.8 kB)

ventuz is very similar to the alias maya timeline.
select an object (node) and there a parameter (pin) and you get a curve representing the change of the value in an extra editor. There you can set keys for this pin and change the shape of the curve.
If vvvv should ever get such a timeline, i would be very, very, very happy!

yeah well flash isn’t perfect for such purpose…

i agree with ampop, it would be amazing if it’s a real v4 node. aftereffects or ventuz style… i don’t care :)

hi oschatz,

your plugin idea is prfect for me but is anybody outside who can write vst plugins??

i am looking around for some sequencers. acid pro has a beutiful spline tool but it doesnt seem to be easy to patch the parameters to specified midi cc channels. (but with the plugin :-) and i dont think that acid can handle 14Bit CC resolution

so maybe cubase sx (but very exensive)

i will look for some other solutions and post. the good thing in midi: you can use a lot of standard controllers to record parameters and there are some tools to send midi over network.




i tried acid pro6 and samplitude8 and both have the problem that they can only handle 7bit midi. so if this is enough: acid pro has some nice features. instead of linear fades you can make smooth fades (a little bit like you can do with splines) you have also folder where you can handle specific midi tracks.



ah and if there is somebody who can write vst plugins please let me know

huh - you are speaking about the plugin and then i find this page on the vvvviki: OSCGLUE

looks like oschatz made it!
and he also provides a nice link to a delphi wrapper for VST…

makes me think of in which language vvvv might be written… also delphi?

@zecko: yep. vvvv is written in delphi. it is still a wonderful language to be productive in, although its marketed for decades as some obscure pricey enterprise backend database thing. but its a general high performance typed programming language combining the advantages of java and c.

@u7: the oscglue thing was written in two night shifts in delphi without ever having dealt with VST before. but this is mostly due to Tobias Fleischers wonderful vst-delphi wrapper.

and note that eg Ableton Live allows you to control VST parameter changes without any midi 7bit restrictions. so its preferrable not to work with MIDI Controller Channels but with VST parameter curves. while the editor is well done when compared to other music sequencer programs, it lacks many desirable features if you want to use it for things like 3d animation.

any news on the built in timeline node ? is someone at meso generally interested in making one ?

i have to work with ventuz right now and for presentation/cinematic purposes the timeline is quite powerful. i do like the idea of a global timeline window which shows selected parameters of different nodes.

this could be combined with some sort of context search…when clicking on a graph in the timeline, the equivalent node shows up, wether being located in a subpatch or somewhere else.

what about multiple timeline nodes with their own controls and timing. clicking on such node interacts with the global timeline window and presents the graphs there. in order to make parameters visible in one timeline node, one could simly connect values to a dynamic number of outputs of the node.

Milo will make his diploma in october and the subject is the timeline , so be sure to can play with a beta version of the timeline in X month ;)