Timeline tool - with audio reactive content non realtime rendering

Hey guys,

im working on a small project, projection mapping based and need to export audio reactive vvvv content, im struggling with the choice of a timeline tool for this task. Only have 1.5 days for this so tipps would be great.

Sune and others have created awesome non realtime music videos, it would be very helpful to describe your workflow, tools.

I know this has been talked about in several topics but for some reason all of these posts are “locked” ?

So the options are:

Timeliner SA ( no Audio & Standalone no idea how to sync with renderer )

OFX Timeline ( Has Audio also no idea if i can get it work to to sync with my renderer )

Duration which looks a lot like Timeline OFX

Other options seem to abstract to adapt in a few hours.
Would be great if anyone could reflect on experiences.

The main feature would easily filtering audio parts, or create editable smoothed timelines from audio, to make it possible to correct fft.

Maybe converting my .wav file to .midi would be an option to be able to edit the “fft”? Maybe it would be the easiest solution to filter out parts of interest in the .wav itself and create several .wav layers, using fft in VVVV? Very dirty way to clean up… Any idea? Or is it the fastest to traw timelines by hand, ignoring fft?

NRT stuff with audio is clumsy I would say and you have to hack a solution atm.

I don’t like the built in Timeline, it has no undo as the most annoying feature, it does however run in increment mode. I like to use Ableton Live and then make Live devices that transmit OSC to benefit from high resolution automation. Live is just real time though, so what I have begun experimenting with is recording the automation sent from Live using Sequencer (Animation Advanced) by @vux, it has it’s quirks, but it seems to be able to record real time parameters and play them back correctly when vvvv is runnning in increment mode.

Audio responsive is even more difficult doing NRT, if it is just RMS level you need, I have found out that WaveForm (Spreads) will give you a slice of audio level corresponding to the frame if you select spread count matching the length of the audio and the framerate, so you have one slice per frame. Then you can use something like FrameCounter and GetSlice to get the audio level.

I have not yet figuret out a clever way of using FFT NRT, I remember that @tonfilm made something to record FFT a loooooong time ago, but that gave me some trouble back then… and then I don’t really use FFT much so I haven’t looked much into it.

I do however hope that some day VAudio can run NRT.

Then there is the problem of generating audio and visuals from the same dataset, that is a bit difficult, first I run it in regular real time mode then a second time in increment mode, this work, but might not always give completely syncronized results, especially if you need to run at lower resolution to run real time.

If you can run you patch in real time with no issues and want it in a standard video format, then you can always use an external recorder to record your video, this gives good results, but have the problem that you need an external recorder or a second computer with a capture card and limits you to standard resolutions. And if you like me have lots of noise and flickering you can not use the cheap recorders, but need a recorder that has high bitrate intraframe compression.

Note that using Sequencer (Animation Advanced) is not limited to Ableton Live, but can be used with whatever timeline you ant to use, and could probably record the FFT.

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