how to control a camera from the timeline


hi haythemblue

I have not been in the forums for long so maybe there are better ways or modules already done for that , but i did a try to it .

in the patch attached there is one module called Timeline_XML_3Values which will record values into a xml sort readable by timeline , Once you have recorded a few seconds , put the xml file savegame into the Timeline standalone app beta5.2 and overwrite .
Then open the timeline app and play if everything went right it should have the same movements that you recorded .

I tried a few times and it worked but it is buggy as I,m not very familiar with xml neither the timeline .

other option will be `playing with Sequencer (Animation)

Hope it helps


Timeline_XML_0.1.rar (17.0 kB)

use the latest camera (softimage) module in combination with the timeline. the module has inputs to control the position and interest which can be easily connected with value outputs of the timeline.

should be easy as pie, i just did this for a project and thank god (devs ;) we have a timeline now !

thank you very much Colorsound

can you give me an example u7angel?


hi u7angel

is it posible to write values into the timeline node by any input apart from painting ? or load an xml file ?

i cannot find , this would be a very very cool feature having spreable input pins and a record pin .

hi haythemblue , the new camera is got 3 new initial position pins , instead of putting the 3 values into the initial position pin like in my quick hack .

Camera (Transform Softimage) timeline.v4p (22.9 kB)