Time Difference Key for DX11?

Is there a Time Difference Key for DX11? Something like inverting/substracting the previous frame of a video from the current, in order to only get the moving parts of the video sequence?

Edit: found the frame delay DX11 node. Guess that will help for now.

at least for 1 frame delay this should be easy to implement - clone a new shader. add a second texture input. in pixelshader subtract first texture from the second and output the result (something like output.rgb = input2.rgb - input1.rgb). make sure that the second textureinput is connected with a framedelay. since second input is one frame late youll get the difference as output…

as one frame isnt much to see until movement is really fast you may want to boost result with something exponential like output = pow(output, factor)

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