Time delay and live feed

I am pretty new to vvvv and am very excited about its possibilities.
However one thing that I have been wondering since I started using it is ‘is it possible to put a time delay on a live feed using vvvv?’ if so how?

I would be very appreciative if anyone could help me realise this?


what kind of live feed?

Live feed of performance. As if it was being shown on a screen during the performance. So in essence it would be live feed it would be what happened infront of the camera 5 or 10 seconds previous or so. If that makes sense?

a video livefeed. that’s what i wanted to know.
could have been strings or values also…

regarding to the memory of your graphics adapter you can do fine things with Queue (EX9.Texture) and GetSlice (Node)

see TimeScratch (EX9.Texture).v4p at kalle.Modules.EX9.Texture
and Echo.fx at kalle.Shader
for some approaches