Time based outputs

I’ve been trying to do a lot of things that are time based in vvvv. So far the only way that I’ve been able to get any of this to work is by using the stopwatch patch, attaching an equals to it and connecting the output of the equals to a toggle or bang IO. The problem I’ve been running in to is that Equals, with epsilon set to anything below .02 doesn’t register when the time hits the same value as what the equals is set to, and with anything above .02 it hits it more than once (even if I’ve hooked it up to a bang instead of a toggle).

Does anyone know if there is a better way to do this? That is either use something better than stopwatch, or something that can evaluate faster than equals? Or is setting the epsilon on equals the best work around I have for this?

as you notice, the idea with equal is bad. since vvvv evaluates in frames, there is no guaranty that the time you are looking for will ever be hit. the bug free solution would be to use a > or < node. but usually timed events are done with a MonoFlop (Animation) and TogEdge (Animation). also make sure you know of all nodes listed at FUN.

there is lots of approaches.
*instead of = (Value) you could try to use a >= (Value)
*there is also
**the Timeliner (Animation)
**and even a standalone version: timelinersa

you can also decide to code beside your file playing a midi key note sended at a precise time. and to create all the structure in function of the midi note emitted and received. ( i know this is quite tricky but works better than > and < methods, despite a FPS setted by main loop

= doesn’t really do what I want it to. Essentially I just want a bang to go off every 5 seconds, or 10 seconds or any variable amount of time. If I used >= it wouldn’t just happen once.

Timeliner looks interesting, but I’m having trouble making sense of it, is there a help patch for it somewhere? (meanwhile, I’ll look at the SA help page)

if you really just want a bang happen in a fixed interval just use LFO (Animation) and a Change (Animation) on the Cycles

all of timeliners help is here: TimelinerSA. if you’re missing something there probably start a new thread about it.