Thread lenght

the page lenght of certain threads (e.g.texture fx) is very very long. i need to scroll down for ages (ok or press space) if i want to see the update. did we have pages at some point or did i dream this ?

or is this the prefered format of threads in the community ? oh, and not just threads, comments in contributions can generate this “mess” too.

i vote for automatic pages 1 2 3 4 5

Its ok on PC, but it really sucks on opera mobile. Found out UC Browser can automaticly devide if you set max page kb low.

So I also vote for automatic page in phpBB style

Maybe a different version for mobile browsers, because i actually like having everything on 1 page. Makes finding someone’s remark easier.

But it would be cool though, if (when logged in) you would jump straight to the first unread message.

having all on one page is nice, imo. but its a matter of taste, maybe we can have some option, like 20, 50, all comments or so…

i like ft’s idea, jump to the first unread message

I vote for per user global settings. I know jumping to first unred message to be buggy from opening somewhere but not reading, next time you open there is the chance of missing something (much worse with multiple pages indeed as you cant scroll up…)

from the activities list you already do jump to the first unread message when clicking on a forum thread or contribution. this was bugged for a while but is working again since a week or so. or does it still not work for you?

btw. i like operamobiles feature for endless pages where you just nudge the page which brings up a button (arrow down) which when clicked jumps to the pages end. same works with nudge-up of course.

i’m not using activites because i can’t save the filter settings, i have to set them everytime to forum when i just could go to forums itself and see the recent threads this way.

no big deal with the scrolling, i’m just used to limited amounts of messages on a page. its my understanding of usibility not to be forced to scroll like crazy ;)

You could use the following URL as bookmark:


Saves the “hassle”.

i quite like that

i’m with tonfilm on this. just let users customize to their own liking. as e.g. on

edit: on another note: external link behaviour seems to have changed for me, hence the link to pouet does not work. very strange… ^^

@u7angel have you tried pressing the “End” key?

same thing with ipod touch, used on touring in hotel and in control room.
one long page. Would be great to have user settings :