This may be a simple question about spreads

Basically I have a spread with almost 400 slices. But I only need to work with some of them. Is there a way just to select for example slices 300 to 400 and discard the rest? I can´t find the right option in vvvv

Or even more difficult, to work with slice 301, 310, 312, 343, etc (not continuous numbers)

I will put this question in the context:

I´m using contour for an object and I get a lot of contours which I´m not interested to work with and I need to discard them. Of course threshold and contour number settings are very limited for this purpose.

Hence, I have almost 400 x values and 400 y values and many of them I don´t need them.

Thanks in advance,

Select (Value) if you have data which tells you yes/no for each slice or GetSlice (Spreads) if you know which slice indices of the spread you want to use.

Also you can experiment with resampling the output of the contour to a count u like and interpolation/extrapolation type you prefer. The resample2d

Thank you guys!

U can attach spread of indexes at the getslice index pin