The vector import works but how to create my files?

hi , i just found out how to import svg vector files

i don t particularly understand the patch maybe because the node doesnt load or something , but anyhow , it works , i just put the points coordinates in a line node so i can see something

this works well with the example file , but i can t manage to find the right saving option wile using Inkscape (i dont have illustrator)

i know i am almost there , does anybody know his way around svg files and/or inkscape ?


ok i found out , i ll make a clean patch as soon as i have the time

to explain quickly

before creating your file

go to inkscape preferences ; SVG output ;

use named colors off
inline attribute on (default 2)
allow relative coordinates off
force repeat commands on
numbers (leave default 8 ; -8)

then make your file :
(if you start from an image import it ,select it , go to path , trace bitmap , for this i let you look up for tutorials , clean up the levels you don t need …)

select your object with the vertical second icon on the left “edit path by nodes”
go to path menu : simplify
go to extension menu : modify path : flatten beziers

then save in PLAIN svg

Inkscape SVG (10.7 kB)