The projector node vs suicide


has anyone actually ever configured the projector node to work perfectly? I can swear I am inputting the correct variables but it still will not line up correctly with my surfaces. I am trying to beam a cube onto a cube… Patch is attached…

Has anyone made or can think of any enhancements to the projector node that make it easier to use?


motion mapping 2.v4p (15.1 kB)

Same… Same…
For me it works only when projector pointed straight in to the model… Maybe it’s possible to measure the real projector.

WARNING!!! just opened this patch and its gone grey full screen and cashed my computer.

Please attach a windowed version please.

Didn’t loose too much work in my other applications.

restarted my machine and removed you renderer nodes via notepad.

I’ve had no problems with the projector node. Used it recently and seems to work fine when moving the projector around. Always takes a little tweeking but I understand that is part of it. But it always pretty bang on.

Looked at yours. One thing that stands out is the Y-Shift. I found the Shift settings to be the hardest to work out. basically 0 means the projected image’s center would be at the same height as the lens when the projector is flat on a table. If you set the y-shift to 0.5 this means shift the projected image 1/2 it’s height up. Now this would mean the bottom of the projected image would be level with the lens. Most projectors from my experience would be shifted up a little more than this.

More information here

im so sorry about the fullscreen renderer, there should be a fail-safe mechanism to stop idiots like me do that!!!

anyway, the projector i am using has motorised lens shift, thats why it is higher.

here’s a test I did to test some basic stuff.

Make sure the projector is flat.
Point at the wall.
Align the projector square with the wall.
Put a virtual projector in the virtual world with its center at y=0, x=0 z=0
Make the real projector output a full screen solid color.
Measure the size of this real projected area, height above the center of the projector, and distance from the center.
Put a quad in the virtual world where this square on the wall is.

Then look at you’re virtual world, does the projection cone cross the four corners of the quad? It should, if it doesn’t you can maybe see where it is going wrong.

Make any sense? worked for me I remember.

what would be great if there was a homography type ability where one can use the mouse to ‘drag’ each point to the correct position. I have seen this elsewhere and it works a treat.

Would this be difficult to configure?

i have come close to matching:

But cube seems to be tilted, I have to keep correcting it every 180 degree spin…