The official "i soo can't wait for node 10" thread

hey vvvvellows,

since i’m still kind of new to vvvv (used it for about a year) i’m quite excited about node 10 so i have some questions which could not be answered by studying the node site. as i’m probably not the only one i’d say let’s start discussion right here… :)

these are just some thoughts which crossed my mind. feel free to join in and post yours…

-i have sort of split identity jobwise. i am an employee of macina which does have no usage for vvvv (and therefore no budget to spend on increasing my vvvv knowledge), but on the other hand i founded my own small studio with a friend this year (yay lab - no web presence yet. shame on me.) where i try to offer vvvv services among other services. so as this small studio is still in the process of building up i am in the unfortunate situation that i simply can’t afford the pro ticket at the moment. i’d say the price is totally fair, but since i only have one vvvv client who only buys sort of an extended slideshow once a year that barely covers the yearly license. (no software license i bought in my life felt nearly as good as getting vvvv license btw ;)) so to make an already too long question short: i had to opt for the fan ticket and wanted to ask if that is fine with the organizers.

-does anyone have any good suggestions on where to find a nice (cheap is also highly appreciated) bed for the week?

-will there be video captures of the sessions? i think that would be awesome as there is quite some overlapping of highly interesting sessions. i’d really enjoy to consume the sessions i missed when i’m back home.

-are we going to have an outdoor boozing bonfire like at a demoparty? (ok, just kidding here…)


pro vs. fan:
well it´s up to you to decide though we really appreciate people buying Pro passes.

As already stated on the node-site:
“Even with the whole team working as volunteers NODE needs to pay the expenses of the artists, lecturers, rentals, insurance, gear, etc.
By buying a Pro-Pass you really support NODE10. The festival will not be possible without this support. It guarantees peace of mind in case the knowledge gained in attending the workshops - which are all held by honorary workshop facilitators - is going to be applied in your commercial projects.”

*Bed and Breakfast

*The Frankfurt Hostel
*Jugendherberge Frankfurt
*Five Elements Hostel
*Colour Hotel Frankfurt

video captures:
yes we´ll have some sort of video documentation, but I can´t tell if every workshop will be recorded.

thanks for the answers, bjoern!

as stated above it’s a kind of personal dilemma for me. referring to the vvvv license i would consider my usage pattern to be more on the non-commercial side since it definitely does not pay my rent. however i try to hopefully archieve exactly that and ofcourse am more than willing to give back once it does. ;)