The good old +=

hi everybody,

i´m pretty new to 4v but already fell in love to it.

But there is one thing I don´t see how it could work: i want to attach the coordinates of an joystick to the position of a camera. so far no problem -> the output of the joystick is relative so I need something like an +=-Operator. is there a node to do this or am I just too stupid to see the solution?

thanks a lot


look at the help patches of the following node: Counter (Animation). or you use a + (Value)/FrameDelay (Animation) loop …

hi tonfilm, thanks a lot.

regards klaus

perhaps my module Follow (Value Animation).v4p helps.
you may find it here: kalle-Modules-Value.

and a little spam:
lots more modules here: kalle-Modules

and there is the Integrate (Differential) node that does += as well