The easiest way to do a dock-style menu

Hi guys,

i tried to do a menu like mac dock animation:

it somehow works, but the patch is quite messy (therefore i dont want to post it ;D).

i’m sure there must be a very easy way to do that in vvvv. which nodes would u recommend me?


show us your patch !

Reminds me of the good old tutorial spreadsii

Can’t give it a try right now, but I guess I’d go for the same approach with Mouse and Points2Vector, mapping the Vectorlength to the Scaling while at the same time mapping it to the LinearSpread’s width, taking all objects’ current scaling into account.
FrameDelay would be needed though …

What was your approach?


your are right. aclculating nice looking values for the item’s scaling dependent of current mouse position can be done with the Points2Vector node easily.


  1. i will have more than one mouse, because the project will be a largescaled installation with multiple human tracking. how to calculate the scaling then the best?

  2. beside the item’s scaling the x-translation must also be changed. for me it’s more difficult to find the correct translations dependend of the actual calculated scalings (especially because of the item’s centerX). is there a easy way?


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Yeah, that’s what the mentioned LinearSpread is for. Manipulating its width will translate the icons evenly.

But I had another look at your example, and an even translation of the icons may not be the desired behaviour.
I’d try Attractor for manipulating the positions then, I think something similar could be achieved that way.
Or maybe a combination of both approaches at the same time?

Would be easier to try it, but no windows machine is close right now, sorry.
Good look though!

know this FisheyeScroll (GUI) by @diki?


Thanks!.. no text …