The best book in the world

Not being a particularly good time to be proud of being Italian (not that being proud of being from anywhere should make any sense any time…) and seen that we seldom talk about good old style paper made books, I wanted to let you know about the existence of this masterpiece which I am sure may be of inspiration for everybody around here.
It is entitled Codex Seraphinianus, by Luigi Serafini

That is indeed one insane book!! you own a copy?

I have nothing to contribute at this level.

I did get lots of inspiration from the stories in Designing Interactions.

the Codex is a rather expensive book: about 300 euros and I don t own a copy but a friend of mine does. If it were legal I probably would download an illegal copy alas!

It is always a good time to be proud to be italian or german or european, we are the best and everything started from europe !!

shit included…!

I d be proud of coming from the world described in that book…

i’d like to read that book :)

I can say that it is a very unique experience: if I d tell you that 320 pages of nosense are able to trap your attention even on the details of the meaningless words… well it does it and it is even funny and got a lot of good humor on it.

i illegaly approve: amazing book! utopic and hallucinated, some drawings are really beautiful, like structures of the cities and plants…
something moebius/escher/dali-esque maybe
i wonder if the syntax of the book really doesn’t mean anything…
…maybe does it unreally mean something?! o)
anyway thanks for the link and if you like these kind of universes maybe you would like dan simmons’ hyperion cantos… me idid