The best accelerometer for vvvv

Hi vvvver’s,

i’m searching about the best accelerometers for the vvvv, i had read that the best phidget is 1054.
You know what might be other proposals?



sparkfun + arduino is a cheap and easy way to get an accelerometer!

a smartphone? android-rotationacceleration

I must put inside another little object and a smartphone i think it is too big.
But the solution sparkfun + arduino will be the way.

Tekcor have you an specific accelerometer module for arduino+vvvv to reccomend me?

The best for what? You need to specify some criteria or use case.

Ease of use?
Data rate?

Yes, I’m searching an accelerometer of easy use for send and receive data from vvvv by wifi protocol.
Cost : The cost is not important if the solution is very nice.
Precision: yes
Data rate: I don’t know

The components are:

Arduino : model ?
Shield Wifi for Arduino : ?
Accelerometer : ?
Battery supply : ?


Instead of arduino you could also use a teensy board. It is smaller and is programmed like an arduino.

I have very good experience with
arduino fio which has built in circuit for LiPo batteries and a xbee compatible mount.

for wireless direct connection to pc I recommend either bluetooth bee

or rn xv xbee for wifi

then the only thing to solder is a accelerometer

or even a cheap 6 dof sensor which gives you exact pitch yaw roll and acceleration

according to my research the easyest way to get a rechargable wearable device prototyped