The Android app thread

Hi all

I just got my first android phone and has found tonnes of brilliant and clever little apps doing stuff like: ftp, ssh, vnc, remote control and all sorts of other stuff.

I am realizing even more than before I got the device that it is way more than a phone and can do a lot of clever things.

I of course have fingerplay and touchosc but I am wondering which other apps that sits really well around vvvv there are?

any suggestions?

I suggest this could be “the android app thread” filled with good suggestions and advice.


PS. and then of course if some of the developers could shed a bit more light on the meaning of the little android bots flying around in the infamous keynode video it would be highly appreciated

hiya sune,
there are indeed huge amounts of cool apps like Goggles. in connection with v4, i think robot view could be cool for making sphere textures:
i haven’t tried it yet, and as you can see from the demo, some photoshopping is needed to get nice sphere maps… attempting this is on my todo list ;)

for making stuff happen on the phone, there’s processing for android, android scripting environment and even some version of pure data that i also have not really gotten into so i don’t know much about it.

of course i don’t know anything about the thinking behind the keynote video and i won’t speculate, but it would be really, really cool to have something like v4 that works in a browser… then, we’d truly be “above the platform wars” or how did it go… i think it’s already true that v4 is on such a high level of abstraction that the underlying platform does not really matter, but this would make it so on a practical level as well.

Let’s see what I got:
AlarmDroid - a nicer and fully featured alarm clock
Bubble - a spirit level, can be practical sometimes
Business Calendar Beta - good calendar app
GTasks - to sync Todo lists to my gmail account
Handcent - nicer sms sending app
RealCalc - a “proper” scientific calculator
Shazam - song recognition
Wikidroid - for easy and quick wikipedia lookups

check out our TUIOdroid, sending TUIO data via wifi…
Any suggestions for a new Android app are welcome :-).



the only app i buyed so far is:

an excellent work time recorder.

Hey, there are many many apps for android, i realy like TED app , imdb, engadget , ftp server, remote mouse, andosc , ( touch osc on ios is much bettet btw )

i made this a long time ago for that app, AndOSC

Touch osc patch to work with AndOSC, decode touchscreen compass and acc (21.1 kB)

DroidCam turns your android device into a network webcam. Needs a PC client from here: [](DroidCam]( turns your android device into a network webcam. Needs a PC client from here: [