The 2013 version...of "vvvv doesnt run"

I was using 28 and 29 without any problem until about 10 days ago.
so when i arrived at node, for the first time my vvvv wasnt able to start.
beta 28 and 29 didnt run, and when i downloaded 29.2, it didnt start either.

everythin in crack.exe checked out.
I downloaded fresh and unpacked using 7 zip.
i have the administrative right.
i dont have 3dmax anymore - did have a student trial version.
what i mean by it doesnt run is that it just hangs at the initialization window that tells you which version it is.

now out of beta 29.2 / 29 / 28 / 27, i can only run 27.

edit: 27.2 is working!

I really need to get vvvv running again asap… i have an exhibition march 2nd and I am responsible for installation of audio visual with kinect.

is there any help page or a document for a protoccol when this happens? as suddenly it did for me.

any help appreciated.

what does the logfile say, when you start vvvv with /logstartup in the commandline?

hi tonfilm!

it says

18:28:02.779 everything you know is wrong
18:28:02.779 Adding lib\thirdparty\x86 to PATH.
18:28:02.797 creating SplashScreen
18:28:02.854 creating GClock
18:28:02.872 creating GMainloop
18:28:02.872 creating GLog
18:28:02.872 creating GApplication
18:28:02.873 creating GGlobals
18:28:02.974 creating GNodeFactory
18:28:02.974 creating Gex9Base
18:28:03.069 Direct3D9 initialized.
18:28:03.128 ExceptionDialog is disabled. Start vvvv with /showexceptions to enable it.
18:28:03.260 enumeratig Game Devices…
18:28:03.386 found Game Devices: SpaceNavigator
18:28:03.387 enumerating Midi Input Ports…
18:28:03.388 found Midi Input Ports: “iCON iControl V1.01”,“MIDIIN2 (iCON iControl V1.01)”,“Vestax MIDI In”,“Akai APC40”,“KeyRig 49”
18:28:03.400 enumerating Midi Output Ports…
18:28:03.401 found Midi Output Ports: “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”,“iCON iControl V1.01”,“Vestax MIDI Out”,“Akai APC40”
18:28:03.412 enumeratig TAPI Devices…
18:28:03.413 found TAPI devices:
18:28:03.417 enumeratig Audio Renderer Devices…
18:28:03.563 found Audio Renderer Devices: “Analog out 15-16 (Mackie Onyx-i”,“Analog out 1-2 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog out 11-12 (Mackie Onyx-i”,“Analog out 13-14 (Mackie Onyx-i”,“Analog out 3-4 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog out 5-6 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog out 7-8 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog out 9-10 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Default DirectSound Device”,“Default WaveOut Device”,“Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High De”,“DirectSound: Analog out 1-2 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 11-12 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 13-14 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 15-16 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 3-4 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 5-6 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 7-8 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Analog out 9-10 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“DirectSound: Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device)”,“DirectSound: Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)”,“DirectSound: Speakers (Vestax VCI-400 Audio)”,“Speakers (High Definition Audio”,“Speakers (Vestax VCI-400 Audio)”
18:28:03.564 enumeratig Midi Renderer Devices…
18:28:03.565 found Midi Renderer Devices: “Akai APC40”,“Default MidiOut Device”,“iCON iControl V1.01”,“Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”,“Vestax MIDI Out”
18:28:03.565 enumeratig External Renderer Devices…
18:28:03.566 found External Renderer Devices:
18:28:03.569 enumeratig Audio Input Devices…
18:28:03.614 found Audio Input Devices: “Analog in 11-12 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 1-2 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 13-14 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 15-16 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 3-4 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 5-6 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 7-8 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Analog in 9-10 (Mackie Onyx-i)”,“Line (Vestax VCI-400 Audio)”,“Microphone (High Definition Aud”
18:28:03.615 enumeratig Video Input Devices…
18:28:03.633 found Video Input Devices: “USB2.0 1.3M UVC WebCam”
18:28:03.670 creating MainForm
18:28:03.766 creating AddonHost
18:28:04.966 creating NodeBrowser, WindowSwitcher, Kommunikator
18:28:04.977 creating HIDDeviceController
18:28:05.041 scanning for Externals

i tried two times and both times the last line seems to be scanning for externals…hugh thx!!

for more readability i attach a text file as well.

maybe its midi drivers but never had that problem… and dont have any new midi device

the log file says.txt (3.2 kB)

seems to be related to this thread:
please try what i asked there and continue the discussion over there.