TextureToPosition for SplinesGPU

i am trying to “bend” the woei SplineGPU.
how to recalculate Texture to Position in this case?
any chance for kind of similar Rot-Grün way via metallica shader alike for ParticleGPU?
thx in adv

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SplineGPU_test.zip (15.6 kB)

i got kind of desired displacement
question: is it possible via Texture to access blue channel to displace it in z direction?

SplineGPU_test_v2.zip (19.0 kB)

Here you go. RGBA split and join shaders do what you are talking about if I understand right.

Also I cleaned your subpatch a little just to save an unnecessary render pass.

Nice little tidbit I learned too: the dx9 objects seem to clamp their colour space from 0-1, so if you want displacement values outside of that better to use a Constant(ex9) with a mesh. Someone please jump in and correct me if this is not the case, but I suspect it explains some headaches I’ve had in the past trying to use Dx9 objects in data textures.

SplineGPU_test-3.zip (15.8 kB)

Thanks everyoneishappy,
that’s really helping me a lot.
i did not meant to use dx9 objects as texture, it supposed to be live threshold input
i realized i could also add perline flow over GPU.

SplineGPU_test_v4.zip (5.7 MB)

another wish: driving Alpha for Spline Thickness
it doesn’t work the way we use for displacement. any hints?

SplineGPU_test_v5.zip (5.7 MB)