Textures for x files

i have some 3d models done in cinema 4D and i’ve export them (from cinema) in *.x. x is properly rendered in vvvv but the problem is the texture(cinema exports tiff whitch i convert to jpg), i cant get it to fit on the model. what should i look for to fit it on model?

btw. textures are done in cinema 4D body paint


I don’t use Cinema4D, but when I export from 3ds max I make sure the model has been fully UV texture mapped. I also make sure the texture is square, like 256x256, 512x512 etc.
‘body paint’ sounds like c4d is doing some very bespoke uv mapping techniques. can you ‘bake’ the model before exporting it? (converting it to most basic mesh with uv mapping).
can you post an example?