Textures (EX9.Texture) - reinventing the wheel?

Has anyone made a “texture” node like this? The idea is that you just have a node that has a lot of utility textures for easy access. Stuff to use for testing and what not. Would anyone else find it useful? I just got sick of browsing for textures all the time :)

Textures (EX9.Texture).zip (16.9 kB)

could also be a helpfile for the whole “CreateEnum”-thing…

btw: the few patches i know from you are really fine.
especially the refresh thing. can’t do it without anymore…

i did something similar for writing testpattern-texture-files with dynamic texture and thought about something “UniversalTestTextureGenerator”.
this is one of countless patches in my folder “MessyPatchesWhichHaveToBeFinishedOneDay”

but with higher resolutions you may experience the borders of performance. a 256*256 texture already makes spreadcounts of 65536.

i am not at work right now so here is only a quick-n-dirty hack.

dujo.v4p (7.9 kB)

Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out CreateEnum, I ended up finding out how to do it from a patch by someone else, I think it was called get node ID.

Yeah, every time I try to work with per-pixel values (either generating or pipet) I realize how slow our computers are :( This is a cool patch though, I was actually going to find a way to generate a texture like this (all the colors) for the patch.

I’m glad you enjoy the patches! I use the refresh all the time too, the only thing that bugs me about it is that it always asks if I “want to save” every time I save a patch. Also, you should make sure you have the most recent version because I made it a lot less CPU intensive after uploading the first one, it only scans for windows now when you do the refresh. It’s on my user page under modules.

i always scan the vvvvorums for the newest modules and have an almost COMPLETE collection of every module and shader ever posted here :)

for that texture thing i already thought about making some shaders for only this purpose generating the textures procedural.
and then a module containing some of those shaders , a renderer and a dx9texture.
should save some performance.

Hi there
I am working with VH Multi Camera f. www.hmelyoff.com.
This generates a vitual framegrabber device. I use this virtual device in a boygroup setup to recieve a rtsp-stream via videoin. The problem is to get the textures syncron. Any ideas?
greeTzz & thanx

VideoIn.jpg (115.0 kB)

Not really sure, how to help you.
I guess you have a delay… but on VH multicam side or on V4 side? And how many frames approximately?
May be a texture queue does it.