Textures and Depth

I dont suppose this will ever be possible ie having png files that dont appear on top of ones that a behind in z depth, most of the time it doesnt matter too much, but I want a spinning dice and the numbers keep looking inside out!


you can sort your spread of quads (or any other geometry) according to the distance of the camera. this works well for particle like effects but im not sure if it works well for a dice…

you are hitting a fundamental problem of the depth buffer algorithm, which all graphic cards are using. apart from sorting (which can be tricky) you can use the AlphaTest node, which provides a solution if you can accept jagged pixel edges around your objects when in the foreground.
see the FAQ Rendering.

with some googling if found the following article which demonstrates the most of the problems and talks about them on a directx level http://www.computersciencelab.com/Direct3DTut1.htm

another option would be generating x files with a geometry which contains only the opaque elements of your texture.

never tried sorting, i’ll try that!
The xfile route is cunning, I like it!
Cheers guys!