TextureMesh Problem

Hey everyone,

i`got a problem with a texture transformation (TextureMesh.v4p).

Transformation with Homography.jpg - Testure is correct
Transformation with VertexMeshPoinEditor.jpg - Texture is incorrect (separeted texture vertex and wrong Texture Transformation)

I my opinion the Problem is by the TextureCoordinates Transformation.

thanks for your support

TextureMesh.rar (1.6 MB)

hello, i would use homography for surface mapping an then change the texture coordinates a bit for fine tuning. see patch:

TextureMesh.v4p (14.7 kB)

hi, it is possible to work with more than 4 scree space points
in combination with homography.

no, the algorithm in the homography node solves a linear equation system that works with 4 points and has an exact solution for a 4x4 matrix. but you can try to stitch several grids together that share the edge points.

Hi guest, try Repair (EX9.Geometry Texture UV Data).v4p