TextureFX addonpack beta 27.1


when I try to use Lumakey or chromakey and others from addons in beta27.1, it tells me that the fx files are not found.

It’s pointing to addonpack/modules/…fx but I don’t see a modules folder in the addonpack folder. I downloaded the addonpack again to make sure…

For other fx I get red nodes too but that might be a ‘incompatible with ATI’ thing, didn’t really check…

simply doubleclick the effect and write it’s name (with .fx) if it isn’t already in the nodebrowser. those effects should be in the same folder as the patches. you don’t see the modules folder because the new folder structure is %VVVV%\addonpack\lib\nodes\modules.

or alt-r… no text …


i have new installation of beta 27.1
in root all paths look right, as i thing
but no way to find nodes
for example i can find PhongDirectional in node browser but is in red.
can’t find even AxisAndGrid
you can see paths on picture are they right?

what should i do?

thanks much

@ft: did you get your problem sorted?
@barbarerik: please don’t hijack other peoples thread, rather start a new one, if it is not exactly the same problem. your root-paths look alright. the patch you’re opening is an old one of yours? could you post it for us to try? (would still be great if you start a new thread and we can remove this interlude here)

@joreg: I can’t remember doing something, but now it seems to work…

tripple odd.