Texture Transforms in Stride

How does texture transforms work in stride? I am trying to scale a texture, but there is no texture transform input on the Quad Renderer.

Just found an example called Resize in helper :

I think there are quite a few ways in Stride to work with texture and it isn’t very straight forward.
Check also “HowTo Custom Texture Sampling”

that is not a texture transform, I would like to have it transformed on the quad and decide if it clamps or wraps or don’t repeat.

I would likewise also like to rotate it

There is a Transform [Filter] TextureFX node. see its help.

A bit confusing that it doesn’t show up when I type Transform Filter in the node browser.
and what does the rectange with 3 dots mean?
Besides that, there is no mention of texture transforms in the help browser

This is all in 2021.4.5

There are “contributions” that allow texture transform:

Edit: another one I made once:
QuadRenderer (Texture Transform).7z (10.5 KB)


yes, please note that in 2021.4.5 both the nodebrowser and helpbrowser allow you to only filter by one word!

from 2021.4.6 onwards at least the helpbrowser will let you use multi-word search.

they mean that behind this entry there will be further choices to make.

@bjoern I am happy to see that I am not the first to bump into this

Will we also get a texture transform input on the QuadRenderer?
and why isn’t it named Quad?

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