Texture transform strange behaviour


I am having a patch with a rather simple xfile, 4 submeshes, and i put a different texture on each mesh subset.
in my case, the textures are all head-over-heels (up-down-reversed), and when I try to rotate them they behave very starngely.

when I apply the same textures to the boxes created from the bounding box measurements, the textures are in the correct orientation.

I already tried to transform the submeshes’ centers to the points where they are in the world coordinates and then translate the submeshes there as well, as you can see in the patch, but there’s no change.

i am a bit lost - does somebody have an idea?

ah - and hi to everyone on the forum, i’m new…

best regards.

sorry there was a problem with the uploader. here are the files.

patch (22.4 kB)
xfile used in the patch (759 Bytes)

Hi, and welcome to the vvvvorums.

In a collada file, I would look for axis centre and orientation, and texture mapping. In other words the mesh should be reworked, imho.
Have a look at this: howto-prepare-x-files
The boxes obviously render as expected.

using VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Split) to inspect your meshes UV coordinates you see that they are quite weird. usually they should be in a range between 0 and 1 but here they go >100. if you sort that part out first (should be a setting in your 3dmodelling program) that would help inspecting the problem further.