Texture to VideoTexture?


Because of the very limited possibilities of my graphics hardware i thought:

Is there a possibility to use freeframe plugins with e.g. a live rendered output of a GDITexture (EX9.Texture) ?
i think that there is none.

not important,
just a question.


Impossible , the only way is to use two computer , an other solution is to use pixel shader , he create the same effect than freeframe
what kind of effect do you want?


it’s not fully correct. some freeframe effects can also be rendered in a pixelshader.
but because access to input data in a pixelshader is in some ways restricted, there are some things you can’t implement in a shader, but in a video-filter (speed of course is an other point). that is for the special architectures of the gpus providing massive paralell processing.

if i understand kalles question correctly:
you want to implement some effects in a freeframe plugin instead of a shader and therefore you would need something that converts a gdi/dx-texture into a videostream?

i don’t know a way how to do this, cause usually you would want it the other way round…

but for sure joreg can explain this part better…

cheers, michel.


if i understand correctly, what kalle wants here is long on my list. a node that has a Texture Input pin and a Video Output pin. this is definitely possible. but will be slow on most machines since it involves getting memory from the video-card back into main memory which is usually said to be one of the biggest bottle necks.

pci-e graphics cards are said to work better for such tasks. still don’t expect this node soon.