Texture over quads in DX11

Hey there,

i dont know if it is too late right now or why else i cant get it to work…

The same as it is done right here in Ex9,
texture over quads.v4p (9.4 KB)
i want to do with the constantBuffered Node but it is doing some wierd stretching and some other stuff too…
TextureTransformInDx11.v4p (15.4 KB)

what am i missing?

Hi, you missing the fact that’ in normal shaders texture space mapped under the hood to have center in 0,0 and normal uv space would have center in 0.5,0.5, witch is what happening when you have structured buffer on input…

The way out woud be to use normal quad or to modify shader code to make it work…

Ah, so there is no easy solution to get this done with the ConstantBuffered Node.
Because i want to work with all these dynamic buffers and they`re not available with the normal quad right?

I did some research on the available tutorials and i found this from the node 17: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvmwQ7dhXOA

Do you think with this i can wrap my head around this?

greetings :)

well you can most def mod the shader… i’ll see if i can do that tho, running right now…

Thank you so much for the effort :)

Well the problem in there that you need to offset texcoord before applying textransform by 0.5, and then after applying textransform you have to move it back… guess need to commit that to noodles…

https://vvvv.org/contribution/vvekend-vvorkshops-raymarching-basics Here are some explanations with cords in YouTube video

Ok there you go your cure…

output.TexCd = float4 ((mul(float4 (input.TexCd.x - 0.5, 0.5 - input.TexCd.y, 1, 1), bLoad(sbTexTransform, tTex, output.iid)).xy)* float2 (1, -1) + 0.5 , 0, 1);

Thank you so much! This is huge!!!

Will this be integrated as a standard inside the ConstantBuffered in InstanceNoodles?
I think this is a very convenient option.



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