Texture in tga format

hi! i got this special 64x64x64 DF of a mesh in tga format. filetexture(dx11) does not take it. info shows “unknown”. wrong texture format? read about some issues with filetexture dx11 and tga format in the forum.

new export in another format? which format is suitable?

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DF (174.6 kB)

dds volume texture

if creating a volume texture out of this is what you want then i have two ideas:

  • use a tool like https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop iirc i used that one ~100 years ago to create a volume texture from separate slices…
  • use latest alpha where you can use pipet to select the individual pixels out of the sourceimage, feed them into a DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Color) which you set to VolumeTexture and save that using writer. works in theorie, fukcs up for me in 64bit builds (which you’ll need because of the number of pixels you want to process)…hmpf…

and then i’m quite sure there is way in dx11 that i’m not familiar with. anto?