Texture fx on kinect world

Would like to add effects like blur and echo to the kinect world texture (for smoothing and experimenting). but it’s not working. Probably because of the floating point format. Any suggestions?

you can always increase your chance of receiving better help, if you attach a patch that is not working for you so we can better see what you’ve already tried.

Hi Joreg,

Attached the file. it’s pretty simple: just trying to add texture effects to the Kinect world…
kinect world texture echo.v4p (3.0 KB)

you maybe looking for this

your format has to be 32 bits float everywhere

@vux @antokhio this looks like “bug” then in the Echo (DX11.Texture 2d) and similar modules, right? shouldn’t they keep the incoming format?

Hi @joreg, it does seems like a bug to me, TempTarget Texture Input Mode (which i never even heard of) set to Inherit Size, and must be Inherit

@antokhio: changing to 32 float and inherent size just freezes the image. Must be something additional…

you might need to restart vvvv after, and instead of Inherit Size there must be just Inherit you can leave format to whatever it is
If that won’t work try to setup whole thing by hand instead (format and resolution)
then, you can use Info Texture2d dx11 to see if what is your output format

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