Texture Format Conversion during Upload Texture Process

Does anyone know what the solution might be?

You need to convert the image to a format that is supported by textures. Currently is 24-bit which doesn’t exist for textures.

So try to convert to R8G8B8A8, which is 32-bit, for example…

@tonfilm I understand the origin of this issue, but question more about “how” rather than “what”. I couldn’t find a set of nodes. In general, everything about images a little bit confusing - SKImage, Image, Mat, Texture and many more.

confusing, agreed. but this confusion also brings with it maximum flexibility. still, we’re hoping to clean this out a bit over time to make things more straightforward for the most common usecases.

in your case you’ll have to use VL.OpenCV for such a conversion. it could be as “simple” as:


or otherwise VL.OpenCV comes with the ConvertColor node that allows conversions between all possible formats.

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