Texture feedback understanding problems

don’t get it - maybe it’s because it’s late … have a look at the attached patch.

little_texture_feedback_test.v4p (6.9 kB)

You need to insert a queue (EX9 Texture) node for the feedback to make sense, see modified patch.

I don’t wanna archive feedback effects. what i wanna do is:
–> open picture with FileTexture
–> do something with pipet
–> write that to the RenderBuffer (clear=0)
–> on bang replace the FileTexture content with the result of pipet

… it’s more a recursive process than a feedback.

the problem is that it doesn’t work for me. if i “feedback” the result of the render again into the upper chain I just get a blank screen

… still doesn’t work. somehow my logic fails ;)

I attached a new example, maybe somebody can show me the right way to do what I want. patch contains a more detailed description what I wanna do.

EDIT: could it be that fileattachement doesn’t work anymore?! or does it only work wirh .v4p?

… patch as external link

it seems to me that the topleft nodeswitch is the bugger here. a direct feedback from the dx9texture node to the quad work stops throwing errors. maybe you can workaround the switch…

much thanks joreg. will have a look tomorrow.