Texture Errors on DX11 Cylinder

Notice how the texture on the left cylinder (constant) has one segment that repeats, with narrow scaling?

I came across a forum post that suggested using constant projection, but as you can see on the right cylinder, there the whole texture is mirrored across half of the cylinder’s circumference…

Lastly, and possibly unrelated. after saving the patch and loading it again, none of the nodes started up. I had to double-click on the renderers, cylinder, group etc… and re-load them for it to work. I’m including the patch, is it just my system? Related to the texture mapping? Am I missing something?

Textured Cylinder.v4p (21.1 KB)

Any help appreciated :D

Replace faulty DX11 Cylinder node with the one in the InstanceNoodles contribution by Kyle McLean.

(Copy the contents of both these links to /packs folder)



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