Texture does NOT fit on mapping

Hello community,
For a while I was playing with projection mapping in my free time to learn it a little bit. I have a real 100x70x50 Box in my place and I modelled it in C4D, after tweaking with Projector Node and PointEditor I managed to match the virtual replica with the real one.

And I wanted to to create 3D illusions in C4D and apply them as textured to my virtual object in vvvv. So I set up a camera in C4D, align it same as my projectors real world position , adjusted the focal length etc and rendered it.

The result was not the one I was expecting couse the object I am rendering as a texture is always smaller then the actual real world object.

Anyone who worked with C4D + VVVV for mapping can give me a hand for this.

My Projector is Dell 4210x, all specs are inside patch,
I am also attaching my c4d file and a photo of the real world setup.

You can find the fallowing inside the rar file:
VVVV Patch
C4D Model
Xfile of the scene
c4D Rendered texture THAT does NOT fit…
Photo of the setup
Skecth and dimensions of the setup

Thanks everyone.

setup.rar (2.9 MB)

Hi Inam and the community,

i’m new in vvvv and i use C4D too, i’m really interested in 3D projection mapping, at the moment i’m working to fit some video in a cube but only with homography and it seems the result is ok.

I will try your files in order to understand this strange behaviour.
Anyway I am happy to share experience and files in this field really interesting.


enzo gentile


how do i manipulate the projector node to fit my beamers focal lenght? or is it just try and error?

cheers :)