Texts and rss feed

hi there,

two little questions:

I am a very beginner in vvvv. Is it possible to write longer texts (more than one line) in vvvv? If yes, how?

Is it possible to implement text as rss feed?

Would be happy, if anybody can help me.

you can use the ‘text (GDI)’ node and set the ‘text rendering mode’ to ‘multiline word wrap’. then play around with the width and height settings and your text will wrap around in mulitple lines.

do you want to send an RSS feed from within v4 or receive one?

hi manolito,

MANY, MANY thanks for your help! It works!

I want to receive a RSS feed, for example news from a website.
Is it possible?

ei sugar, try Newsfeed (Network)

thx for your advice! I found the newsfeed (network) node, but I dont know how to use it. Does the Newsfeed (Network) node has to be connected with a ‘text (GDI)’ node?? And do I need some other nodes also, like HTTP get or something else?

the newsfeed node has a helppatch. select it and press F1. the helppatch won’t show anything, because the given url is no longer valid (fixed that for the next release). so make sure to provide a working rss url to see it working.

thanks a lot! I am happy, it works.