Sorry my English is not…
I need text in the render(EX9) this is not a problme.
But the Qualität is not good. very pixel.

text.v4p (2.3 kB)

take a look at @elektromeier great module Text(EX9 Monospaced)…there is also a metric version for non-monospaced fonts, see Text (EX9 Metrics)

Hallo Inspiron,

du kannst natürlich auch auf deutsches sprache fragen ;)

The Reason why your GDI text is ugly, is because you did not set the backbuffer width and backbuffer height pins off the GDI renderer. If you make it the ammount off pixels your final DX9 renderer will be (like 1024 x 768 pixels) the result is much better.

How ever, GDI slows down your patches, so I would do what Desaxi says and get the text Monospaced module from Electromeier.

(believe it or not, some users here can’t speak german!! ;) )

if you want to use Text (EX9 Metrics) download the newer version which is a LOT faster and supports carriage returns: